The way people connect with technology is changing. Buyers now prefer control, convenience, and speed in their purchasing journey. Gone are the days when scheduling a demo and waiting for a sales representative was the norm. Today, the rise of "Self-Serve" B2B platforms marks a dramatic shift in buyer preferences.

About two-thirds of the B2B buyers are now "self-serving" more information before contacting vendors. The message is clear: People want to manage their purchases and learn about products on their terms, at any time or place. 

Interactive demo tools are at the heart of this transformation. They offer an on-demand experience that aligns perfectly with the modern buyer's desire for self-guided exploration.

This guide will cover the eight sophisticated interactive demo tools that captivate prospective customers and drive them to purchase.

Top 8 Interactive Demo Tools

1. SmartCue

SmartCue is a no-code interactive demo creation software that creates conversion-focused demos with zero tech/IT support. With the shortest learning curve (45-minute onboarding) as compared to the competition, SmartCue allows teams to create demos that generate qualified leads quickly in no time.

Purpose-built for B2B SaaS companies, the team behind SmartCue comprises former solution consultants and solution architects who have faced the challenges of demos first-hand and are intimately aware of how to solve them well. 

Key Features

  • Users can quickly create interactive demos that mimic actual product use.

  • Tailor demos with brand elements and social proof.

  • Track engagement and gather insights on high-intent leads.

  • Integration with CRM and analytics tools.

  • Perform A/B testing and AI-based optimization.

Best for

SmartCue is best for mid-market and enterprise-level organizations looking to accelerate their pipeline velocity. It's ideal for GTM teams looking to get more qualified leads in a shorter span.


SmartCue has three pricing plans: Small Business, Scale Up, and Enterprise. What’s interesting is that its pricing starts at just $8.25/month.

2. Walnut


Walnut empowers your sales teams to craft highly customized and optimized sales demos. The platform ties together different screen grabs to create functional demos of your product. What makes Walnut unique is that it allows for personalization and collects insights that improve sales.

Key Features

  • Customize each demo to fit the client's specific needs and interests.

  • Gather actionable insights from each demo to refine sales strategies.

  • Manage team collaboration efficiently within the platform.

  • Automatically update demos with the latest product features and styles.

Best for

Walnut is for you if you are not afraid of a learning curve and want to leverage detailed customization and insights to create your demos into a powerful sales tool.


Walnut discloses pricing upon request.

3. Storylane


Storylane redefines the demo creation process with a unique blend of simplicity and depth. It focuses on delivering a comprehensive front-end replication of your product. The platform's standout feature is its ability to capture and stitch product flows seamlessly. It allows for detailed, no-code HTML edits. 

Key Features

  • Frontend replication captures a lifelike copy of your product for demos.

  • HTML no-code edits offer the depth of customization without coding.

  • Guided storytelling adds widgets to highlight features or use cases.

  • Get insights into engagement and conversion.

Best For

Storylane is ideal for people who want to prioritize analytics that give them insights into the users’ demo journey.


Storylane offers multiple plans, including a free plan. Their paid range includes a Starter plan, Growth Plan, and Enterprise plan with a starting range of $40 per mo.

4. Scribe


Scribe turns the tedious task of documentation into a breeze. Forget about pausing your workflow for screenshots or typing out steps. Scribe does the heavy lifting by instantly capturing your process and turning it into a clear, step-by-step guide. 

Its simplicity and automation make it stand out. You perform a task, and Scribe documents it to make knowledge sharing effortless and accurate. 

Key Features

  • Works on the web and desktop, turning actions into guides.

  • Automatically writes clear and concise steps with AI.

  • Sensitive data redaction hides sensitive information for privacy.

  • Distributes guides via a link, embeds, or PDF with a click.

Best for

Scribe is ideal for sales and marketing teams looking to streamline their documentation process. It's perfect for onboarding, creating SOPs, building training documents, or supporting customer queries.


Scribe offers a free version with comprehensive features. They have a Pro plan priced at $23/mo for advanced needs and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. 

5. Navattic


Navattic offers a unique feature set that includes pixel-perfect replications of apps. It enables you to capture the essence and functionality of your product with exceptional accuracy. 

Navattic maintains dynamic interactions such as hover states and animations within these captures and preserves the interactive feel of your original application. This capability ensures that demos are visually identical to the actual product and behave in the same engaging manner.

Key Features

  • Allows for a fluid demonstration of app functionalities without breaks or glitches.

  • Facilitates the creation of guided paths through your product.

  • Ensures demos look and work great on any device.

  • Keeps track of changes and quickly updates or reverts to previous demo versions.

Best for

Navattic is a powerful tool that caters to teams who value the benefits of showcasing their complex software products with utmost detail and interactivity. While Navattic may not prioritize mobile friendliness, it is still a great fit for those who prioritize a rich and comprehensive demonstration.


Navattic provides two paid plans: Base and Growth, starting from $500/yr. They also customize plans for startups and Enterprises. 

6. Floik


Floik empowers you to forge dynamic, self-serve experiences highlighting real-time product functionalities. It combines the ease of creating engaging product tours with the sophistication of interactive elements. 

Its innovation lies in its seamless integration of video demos, interactive guides, and personalized step-by-step walkthroughs without requiring a single line of code. 

Key Features

  • Blur screen allows us to focus on what matters by hiding sensitive information.

  • Centralize all your demos for easy access.

  • Automatically enhance demo visuals with the intelligent crop.

  • Rich-text editors craft detailed narratives within demos.

Best for

Floik is particularly valuable for tech companies, SaaS platforms, and startups that prioritize hands-on product discovery and wish to provide a memorable first impression. It doesn't overwhelm users with complex features or lengthy sign-up processes.


Floik comes with a free plan, three paid plans, and a custom plan. Their range starts from $29/month.

7. Lancey


Lancey's innovative approach to interactive demos sets a new standard. From the get-go, capturing your application is relatively straightforward. It bypasses the need for intricate integrations. 

The platform's sharing capabilities are equally impressive, providing insightful analytics that help understand user engagement. Lancey simplifies the demo creation process and significantly amplifies conversion potential. 

Key Features

  • Adjust content to match specific use cases.

  • Analytics-driven sharing provides insights into how users interact with your demo.

  • Set up your first demo in minutes, hassle-free.

  • Access a diverse collection of demos for inspiration.

Best for

Lancey is particularly beneficial for teams looking to tailor their pitches with high specificity. It gives you detailed analytics on user engagement, including how prospects interact with your demos. Using these insights, you can create targeted follow-ups and strategic adjustments.


Lancey invites users to start with a free trial. Their paid range has two plans: Starter and Growth, starting from $29/mo.

8. Reprise


Reprise offers a unique approach by allowing you to clone your application's core functionality down to the code level. This feature ensures demos are not just interactive but fully immersive. 

It provides an experience that mirrors the actual product. Reprise focuses on making accurate, engaging, and highly customizable demos.

Key Features

  • Reprise Reveal™ lets you customize your live application in real-time.

  • Reprise Replay™ builds compelling demos that capture your product's essence.

  • Offers robust security and compliance.

  • Provides powerful insights and seamless integrations.

Best for

This platform is best suited for larger teams who have the resources and time to handle a steep learning curve and extensive rework for every addition of new features or modules. However, once you are onboarded, this tool ensures a consistent and error-free presentation of your product's best features to every prospect. It helps you enhance sales efficiency and reduce cycle time.


Reprise offers three plans with different feature sets. You can contact them for pricing. 

Which Interactive Demo Tool Is the Best for You?

Choosing the right interactive demo tool can feel overwhelming. You've seen the top 8 contenders for 2024. Each one has its strengths and unique features. The best tool for you is the one that meets your individual needs, is easy to use, offers maximum features and functionality, and isn't too heavy on the pocket. 

Are you looking for simplicity and ease of use? You may prioritize robust analytics and integration capabilities. Maybe a balance of both? Your goals and requirements should guide your choice.

If you aim for engaging, memorable demos in MINUTES, SmartCue deserves your attention. With its intuitive interface and powerful customization options, SmartCue is the most cost-effective for 99% of organizations and provides the FASTEST time-to-value. 

Get in touch to learn more about how SmartCue can help you turn those first-time visitors into loyal customers.