RippleHire partners leverages SmartCue's interactive demo platform

SmartCue revolutionizes RippleHire's demo experience, enabling seamless customization for each prospect. By simplifying complex demonstrations, SmartCue's interactive demo tools empower RippleHire's marketing and sales teams to deliver personalized experiences, ultimately enhancing their ability to secure impactful recruitment partnerships.

About RippleHire

  • Industry: HR Tech
  • Company Size: 50-200 Employees
  • Use Case: Product Demos, Sales Enablement

​RippleHire is a leading talent acquisition platform, simplifying recruitment for enterprises worldwide. Trusted by top organizations, RippleHire offers an easy-to-use cloud-based solution, revolutionizing hiring processes across industries.


Glen Joseph, Pre-Sales Leader, RippleHire

Glen Joseph, Pre-Sales Leader, RippleHire

Glen is the Head of Pre-sales at RippleHire. His mission is to empower the sales team with compelling narratives that highlight RippleHire's impact on recruitment. He wants to demonstrate the platform's value to prospects in no time, driving engagement and interest through tailored demonstrations potentially using an interactive demo software.


Time-consuming Video Creation

Previous methods of video creation were time-consuming, making it challenging to cover all potential scenarios and update content promptly. Additionally, updating videos became cumbersome whenever there were changes or updates in the product. RippleHire & Glen needed a demo creation platform that could swiftly adapt to their dynamic needs.

Demonstrating Platform Complexity

RippleHire has a revolutionary, exhaustive and complex platform. Showcasing different perspectives, switching between different views, such as recruiter and candidate perspectives, during live demos or video demos was cumbersome. Prospects were also not able to comprehend the power of the platform without a RippleHire representative to guide them. This bottlenecked the RippleHire team from being able to demonstrate the platform capabilities to prospects quickly and at-scale which led to Glen and team realizing that they needed a unified online product demo experience to bridge this gap.

Why Choose SmartCue?

Faced with these challenges, the RippleHire team was looking for a way to simplify their demo creation process and empower sales teams to showcase RippleHire's solutions more independently and at scale. After a thorough evaluation of the space, SmartCue's interactive product demo software emerged as their perfect solution for the team! Let's explore how RippleHire evaluated SmartCue and found it to be the ideal fit for their needs.

Time Saved and Easy Creation

By transitioning from days-long video creation to crafting personalized demos in just an hour, RippleHire slashed their production time by 95%. SmartCue's streamlined process enabled rapid updates without starting from scratch, ensuring seamless adaptability to changes.

Compelling Storytelling

With SmartCue, RippleHire can deliver engaging, intuitive demos that captivate prospects and convey their platform capabilities effectively in a guided and intuitive format. SmartCue allowed RippleHire to enhance engagement and leave a memorable impression.

Unified Demo Experience

SmartCue's demo automation software allowed RippleHire to showcase different parts and journeys of their platform, such as recruiter and candidate experiences, in a single demo. This unified approach provided a comprehensive overview of RippleHire's offerings to prospects and clients, streamlining the presentation process and improving client understanding and supercharging the pre-sales process.

Enhanced Security

RippleHire’s platform has proprietary and sensitive tech assets. They wanted to ensure that their product demos remain secure and accessible only to authorized individuals. With SmartCue’s Gating feature, RippleHire is able to safeguard their intellectual property and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

The Impact

Sudarsan Ravi, CEO, RippleHire

“SmartCue has revolutionized how we showcase RippleHire's solutions. It's like having a personal storyteller for each prospect, making demos engaging and memorable. With SmartCue, we're closing deals faster and forging stronger partnerships. It's been a game-changer for us at RippleHire.”

Sudarsan Ravi, Founder & CEO @ RippleHire

Faster Sales

With SmartCue, RippleHire accelerated its sales process, reducing sales cycle time by 20%. Creating demos became quicker, saving valuable time. This shift enabled the sales team to focus more on client interactions, leading to faster deal closures. As a result, RippleHire experienced increased revenue in less time.

Better Engagement

SmartCue helped RippleHire create demos that kept clients interested. The tools made it easy to tell stories that clients liked. This made clients more interested and more likely to buy RippleHire's services.

More Trust

Demonstrating platform effectiveness and ensuring demo security has boosted client trust in RippleHire and allowed Glen's team to be confident that the interactive demo's don't fall into the wrong hands.


Deep Dive into SmartCue's Features

SmartCue offers a range of features designed to streamline the demo process. Its interactive demo tools allow users to create dynamic, engaging presentations that resonate with their audience. By incorporating interactive elements, RippleHire's demos become more than just a walkthrough; they become an engaging experience that effectively communicates the platform's value.

Advanced Analytics with SmartCue

SmartCue's advanced analytics feature provides RippleHire with detailed insights into how their demos are performing. By understanding viewer engagement and behavior, RippleHire can fine-tune their demos, making them more effective over time. This data-driven approach ensures that RippleHire stays ahead of the curve, continuously optimizing their sales strategy.

Tailored Experiences for Every Prospect

Every prospect has unique needs and interests. SmartCue's demo creation platform enables RippleHire to tailor their demos to each prospect, delivering a personalized experience that directly addresses their specific concerns and questions. This level of customization is key to creating a strong connection with prospects, significantly boosting conversion rates.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

RippleHire found that SmartCue integrates seamlessly with their existing sales and marketing tools. This integration streamlines the demo process, making it easier and more efficient for the sales team to create and share demos. By fitting into the existing ecosystem, SmartCue enhances productivity without requiring a steep learning curve.

Expert Support and Continuous Improvement

SmartCue's commitment to customer success is evident in their expert support and dedication to continuous improvement. RippleHire benefits from ongoing support, ensuring that they can leverage all of SmartCue's features to their fullest potential. Additionally, SmartCue's commitment to innovation means that RippleHire always has access to the latest advancements in demo technology.