Demo Better. Close More Deals.

Convert leads into deals faster with powerful sales demos.

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Demo Better. Close More Deals.

Streamline Your SaaS Sales Pitch

Deliver buyer-centric demos

No More Cookie-Cutter Demos

No two customers are the same, so why are your demos? Deliver consistent yet tailored sales demos to enable solution selling, increase deal sizes and drive higher conversions.

Onboard Your Sales Team Faster

With SmartCue, train and onboard your salespersons within hours, not weeks! With custom demo scripts that run on top of your SaaS product, sales teams learn your product AND how to demo at the same time.

Make Your Product Shine

Always showcase the latest features of your product with ZERO re-training. Update your demo scripts in 2 steps with the additional features and watch your sales team demo the product in near real-time. Stop wasting time and $$ on expensive video walkthroughs & sales readiness tools.

How SmartCue Delivers

Simple, no-code platform



Using SmartCue, your sales-marketing-product hybrid team quickly creates a no-code, step-by-step demo script with text & visual cues. These cues are layered on top of YOUR SaaS application or platform. Create unique cues for industries, buyer personas & use-cases.



During Zoom presentations, these cues are visible ONLY to your salesperson, not to your clients. The salesperson presents a personalized, interactive & tailored demo and the customer leaves satisfied & primed to convert. No more fumbling for cheat sheets or worse - wingin' it!



With SmartCue, track what matters to the sales organization - number of demos per salesperson, highest converting demo scripts, time spent per screen, demo completion rates and other valuable insights that the product, marketing & sales leadership rarely have insights into.



$99 / user / mo
Introductory Rate: $49 / user / mo


$149 / user / mo

Unlimited Demos
Unlimited Cues
Solution Specific Demos
Searchable Demo Library
In Browser Script Recording
Zoom Friendly Live Demos
A/B Testing
CRM Integrations
AI Success Suggestions
Admin and Billing Portal
User Management

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