NexLVL partners with SmartCue

Discover how NexLvl, a pioneering AI-powered CRM tool provider, transformed its demo and user experience strategies using SmartCue's interactive demo tools, setting a new standard in the B2B software industry. NexLvl leverages SmartCue to embed interactive walkthroughs on their website and provide detailed step-by-step guides in their help documentation. This strategic utilization enables NexLvl to effectively explain complex features to customers and offer them a sneak peek of the product without requiring sign-ups, ultimately saving their time and effort.

About NexLvl

  • Industry: Marketing Services
  • Company Size: 11-50 Employees
  • Use Case: Website Embeds and Guided Help Documentation

NexLvl stands out in the crowded CRM market with its innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline business operations. Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced features, NexLvl not only simplifies but also automates processes, boosting productivity and efficiency.



Quan Nguyen, the visionary founder of NexLvl, is committed to making sophisticated CRM and marketing tools accessible to all business sizes. His dedication to simplifying technology enables companies to focus on their core goals: growth and success.

"As we strive to democratize CRM implementation and marketing, SmartCue has been a game-changer for NexLvl. It has not only simplified our processes but also elevated our ability to connect with users on a deeper level, driving meaningful engagement and fostering lasting relationships."

  • Quan Nguyen, Founder of NexLvl CRM


Limited Software Preview Options

Quan faced challenges in demonstrating NexLvl's capabilities to prospects and users. Initially, relying on Loom videos for feature demonstrations proved time-intensive and repetitive due to the inability to keep up with constant product updates. As a result, Quan had to create tailored videos for each prospect to address their requests for insights into the software's appearance and functionality, which became a cumbersome task.

Inefficient Customer Support and Help Documentation

Quan encountered difficulties with the traditional approach of creating help documentation using screenshots and text. This method proved to be labor-intensive and time-consuming, lacking engagement and failing to effectively support users in navigating NexLvl's features.

Why SmartCue?

Faced with these challenges, Quan and the NexLvl team needed a solution to simplify the process of creating and maintaining walkthroughs, FAQs, and help docs, making NexLvl more accessible to prospects. SmartCue emerged as the perfect solution, offering interactive product demo software that transformed their user engagement strategy.

Effortless Website Integration

With SmartCue seamlessly integrated, Quan eradicated the need for cumbersome Loom videos. Now, prospective users can effortlessly navigate NexLvl's features directly on the website, getting a sneak peek even before signing up. Moreover, NexLvl's team no longer wastes redundant hours re-recording Loom videos; instead, they can update their SmartCue showcases in minutes, ensuring prospects always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Interactive Step-by-Step Guides

SmartCue's walkthrough feature empowers NexLvl to offer users a comprehensive understanding of product usage through interactive, engaging step-by-step guides. This approach resulted in a 30% increase in user engagement and product adoption, significantly impacting NexLvl's bottom line.

Narrative-Driven Demos

SmartCue enables NexLvl to craft captivating narratives that resonate with users, enhancing the overall demo experience. With the ability to weave compelling stories, NexLvl can effectively communicate its value proposition and leave a lasting impression on prospects.

The Impact

Time Efficiency and Operational Enhancement

SmartCue revolutionizes NexLvl's operations, saving significant time and enhancing efficiency. Previously, creating videos or guides took days, but now, SmartCue allows them to produce walkthroughs or interactive demos in just hours. The shift from days to hours in content creation has allowed NexLvl to focus on innovation, producing over 175 showcases with SmartCue.

Boosted User Engagement

SmartCue's interactive walkthroughs have enhanced engagement and facilitated better learning experiences for NexLvl's users. By providing step-by-step guides and interactive demos, SmartCue has empowered users to grasp NexLvl's features more effectively, leading to improved product adoption and satisfaction by 30%.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

SmartCue's online product demo tools offer intuitive, step-by-step learning experiences, empowering users to fully leverage NexLvl's CRM features, enhancing their productivity and overall satisfaction with the platform.

Additional Insights

Streamlined Sales Processes

By integrating SmartCue's demo automation software, NexLvl's sales team has been able to streamline their demo processes, tailoring each demo to the specific needs of their prospects. This personalized approach has not only reduced the sales cycle but also improved conversion rates, as prospects can clearly see the value NexLvl's CRM brings to their operations.

Customer Success Stories

Several NexLvl customers have shared how the interactive demos and guided documentation provided by SmartCue have revolutionized their user experience. For instance, a marketing director at a mid-sized tech company noted that SmartCue's interactive demos were a decisive factor in their choice of NexLvl, as they could immediately grasp the CRM's value and ease of use.

Future Outlook

NexLvl is poised to continue its growth trajectory, with plans to leverage SmartCue's SaaS sales enablement tools to introduce more interactive features and enhance their customer engagement strategy. The partnership with SmartCue is seen as a long-term strategic advantage, enabling NexLvl to stay at the forefront of CRM innovation.


SmartCue's interactive demo tools have profoundly impacted NexLvl's ability to demonstrate its CRM software's capabilities. By providing effortless website integration, interactive step-by-step guides, and narrative-driven demos, SmartCue has enabled NexLvl to save time, enhance user engagement, and improve customer support. As NexLvl continues to innovate and expand, the strategic partnership with SmartCue will undoubtedly play a crucial role in its ongoing success.

By implementing SmartCue's interactive demo tools, NexLvl has not only improved its user engagement and product adoption rates but also set a new benchmark in the B2B software industry. This case study highlights the transformative power of SmartCue's solutions and underscores the potential for similar successes across other sectors.


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