SmartCue simplifies Virgin Pulse's complex demos, and empowers marketing, sales and solution consulting teams to swiftly create custom member experiences that are tailored to each prospect. This strengthens Virgin Pulse's ability to secure major enterprise deals by delivering highly relevant and engaging content to prospects.

Virgin Pulse partners with SmartCue for Self-Serve Demo Automation
VirginPulse partners with SmartCue for self-serve demo automation for GTM teams

About Virgin Pulse

  • Industry - HealthTech
  • Company Size - 2000+ Employees 
  • Use Case - Live Demos, Sales Follow-ups (Leave Behinds)

Virgin Pulse is the world’s #1 personalized health, wellbeing, and navigation company that motivates people to get and stay healthy. It operates globally across 190+ countries and has impacted over 100 million people by helping Fortune 500, national health plans, and many other organizations of all sizes.


Liz Schmittgens, Director of Solutions Consulting

Liz Schmittgens is the director of solutions consulting at Virgin Pulse. Her mission is to simplify the complexity of their product in a way that shows clear value and positive impact on members, patients, employers and payers. She also aims to empower the sales team to weave compelling stories that resonate with clients using these demos.


Complex Product Demonstrations and Limited Timing

Relaying the value of Virgin Pulse and showcasing its extensive set of products and services in a meaningful way, while also allowing for interactivity, can be challenging. With only 60 minutes in some cases, team members are often short on time when it comes to the demo portion of the presentation. This results in select functionality - and perhaps functionality that may be important to the buyer - being left out of the demo.

Live Demo Account Switching

Demonstrating different member journeys in live demos can often require  account switching. This process adds complexity and hinders a seamless demonstration for the solutions consulting team. Showing too many member journeys in one live demo has the potential to overwhelm buyers who either are new to a platform like Virgin Pulse or see their employee population as not being tech-savvy or easily overwhelmed.  

Why Choose SmartCue?

Faced with these challenges, the Virgin Pulse team was looking for a solution to help them simplify the demo creation process, while also enabling sales teams to be more self-sufficient and putting the magic of Virgin Pulse's solutions right in the hands of prospects. With SmartCue, the Virgin Pulse team found its silver bullet! Let's break down how the Virgin Pulse team evaluated SmartCue and decided it was the right fit for them.

Demo Magic with SmartCue

SmartCue made demo creation a piece of cake. The Virgin Pulse marketing and solution consulting teams were creating tailored demos in week one of implementing SmartCue, without any involvement from the engineering teams. This time-to-value was immense for the teams!

Embedding Powerhouse

As part of their sales motion, Virgin Pulse wanted to provide tailored experiences that the prospect could take for a spin on their own without any overhead or complexity. With SmartCue, the Virgin Pulse team simply embedded these showcases in their marketing collateral as dynamic URLs, PDFs or videos depending on the use case. Clients enjoyed a hiccup-free experience.

Demo Personalization Fun

Liz and the Virgin Pulse team wanted to give each demo a personality that would resonate with their prospects and buyers while still incorporating Virgin Pulse's powerful brand. With SmartCue, each presentation became a special reflection of Virgin Pulse, from colors to member personas to a sales person's personalized avatar that added a personal touch to every pitch. Sales team members and prospects alike love this ability to make each demo their own!

Smart Storytelling

SmartCue enabled Virgin Pulse's sales and marketing teams to become the ultimate storytellers during demos. No more boring presentations; SmartCue made demos interesting stories that clients loved with a story and narrative that made a lasting impression.

Multi-Threaded Member Experiences

Virgin Pulse's key value proposition is that they provide a personalized approach to health  - whether it’s a patient looking for care or a member looking to utilize benefits through their employer or insurance provider. But user interactions across the health and wellbeing journey can be complex and showcasing this value proposition in a clear and concise way is a  challenge. With SmartCue, this became a breeze. Solution consulting and sales team members were able to seamlessly show multiple member experiences in a single, fluid narrative without having to create custom client configurations  or jumping between platforms.

The Impact?

Quick Wins for Big Deals

Sales teams at Virgin Pulse saw a significant improvement in deal closure velocity. SmartCue made demos easy and allowed the sales team to share it with potential clients pronto. This speedy process made important business decisions happen in a flash.

Boosting Prospect Confidence

Potential clients got a taste of what Virgin Pulse offers, and they got it fast. This made them trust Virgin Pulse even more. When clients trust a company, they make decisions faster. That's exactly what happened here.

SmartCue made showcasing health innovation a breeze for Liz and her team at Virgin Pulse, turning complex demos into compelling stories that hit home with clients and prospects alike.