Traditional sales strategies and tools that were once effective are no longer sufficient for SaaS selling. You need a well-defined and planned SaaS sales process to sell your product successfully to the desired target market. You must also find innovative ways to hit your aggressive sales goals.

Sales enablement offers sales teams a fresh and engaged approach to connect with prospects and convert them into customers. It provides them with the tools, essential data, and expertise required for successful deal closures. It also offers them the training to sell better and drive more revenue. 

Sales enablement tools align your sales and marketing teams and create a value-based approach to sales. According to G2, sales teams who leverage a sales enablement platform have demonstrated 7% higher sales win rates than the teams that don't. 

This blog talks about SaaS sales enablement tools and shares a list of the best tools you can consider investing in to kickstart your sales enablement strategy.

What Are SaaS Sales Enablement Tools?

Sales enablement tools are specialized tools that offer your sales team the right content, data, and other assets to sell your product or service to customers effectively. These tools combine your sales, marketing, and content efforts to build a data-driven strategy for converting more leads and closing more deals. 

A SaaS sales enablement tool acts as a supportive assistant for sales representatives. It gathers all sales-related data and content in one place and provides quick access to this information. It helps them identify what works best for your business and what is not.

At every company, sales enablement is owned by both marketing and sales teams. The marketing team provides sales representatives with various resources needed for effective selling. The sales team identifies the content gaps and notifies the marketing team about the missing assets. Both teams work collaboratively to build a robust sales strategy with the right content assets to reach desired customers and convert them successfully.

10 Best SaaS Sales Enablement Tools in 2024

There are many unique SaaS sales enablement tools for simplifying different aspects of the sales enablement process. Let us explore some of the best platforms available today.

#1. SmartCue 

For creating interactive product demos.



SmartCue is a sales enablement platform that helps you create interactive product demos for your prospects and customers. It offers a no-code demo creation software that enables you to develop conversion-focused demos for lead generation and nurturing. It supports sales enablement by helping you showcase what you are selling to potential customers and increasing sales. These demos can then be embedded into assets and shared across social media platforms and emails without any hassle. 

#2. ClickUp 

For managing customer relationships.



ClickUp is another platform that can be used as a customer relationship management (CRM) software to boost sales enablement. It offers tools to centralize your sales operations and boost sales team productivity. It helps you manage and grow customer relationships by building an effective sales pipeline, streamlining customer workflows, automating status updates to be sent to customers, and analyzing data for customer insights.

#3. MindTickle 

For boosting sales readiness among sales representatives and training them.



MindTickle is a sales readiness platform that helps you elevate your team performance with targeted sales training, sales behavior insights, and sales readiness resources. It lets you publish customized training courses for your sales representatives and help them improve their sales knowledge. Once the sales team completes the courses, it can track their performance, identify knowledge gaps, and motivate them to achieve their sales goals. 

#4. Brainshark 

For sales training.



Brainshark is another sales enablement software that offers flexible training resources to the sales team to improve their performance. This includes coaching courses and practice modules in text and video formats that help your sales teams hone their skills and maximize productivity. With the help of Brainshark, you can coach your sales teams to exploit every buyer interaction with superior sales techniques and close more deals.

#5. Guru

For providing contextual knowledge by gathering siloed information into a single source of truth.



Guru is a knowledge management solution that seamlessly delivers information to sales representatives without having them hunt it down from various sources. By gathering all valuable information in one place, Guru presents on-demand knowledge to the sales team, eliminating customer communication delays. It bridges the knowledge gap between various departments by helping teams cross-reference each other's content to do their jobs perfectly. For instance, sales teams can utilize marketing assets to boost their sales strategies.

#6. Showpad 

For managing various types of sales enablement content.



Showpad is a content management system that helps your sales team efficiently share sales-related content with prospective customers. You can engage with your customers more personally with Showpad and improve sales productivity.  It also shares intelligent insights on content performance that help you understand which sales content resonates with your audience the best.

#7. Outreach

For building an effective sales workflow.



Outreach is a sales execution platform that helps the sales team create effective sales workflows and build a structured sales process for your company. It is designed to streamline your existing sales pipelines by automating repetitive tasks, simplifying customer communication, and facilitating informed sales decisions. 

#8. Seismic 

For AI-powered enablement, training, and coaching 



Seismic is an all-in-one sales enablement platform that offers sales tools to delight customers and grow your business. It offers your sales representatives the tools and valuable insights to boost customer engagement. It brings together crucial sales insights in one place for better decision-making.  You can create engaging sales playbooks to deliver relevant training content to your sales representatives and boost their productivity. Besides, your sales team can engage customers across every stage of the sales journey using AI-powered content recommendations.

#9. Highspot 

For AI-powered search and contextual training.



Highspot is another tool that boosts sales enablement using AI-powered search, guided selling, and contextual training. With the help of its intuitive search feature, your sales representatives can access impactful sales content without any hassles and have meaningful interactions with your customers. It sets you up for sales success by providing detailed analytics on the sales content usage and refining your sales enablement strategy.

#10. SalesLoft 

For building seamless sales process workflows and automation.



SalesLoft is the last tool in this list of sales enablement platforms that utilize AI engines to build personalized sales workflows and interaction sequences for closing more deals. It offers an excellent cadence management system that ensures consistency and stability in prospecting activities. It simplifies the process of tracking sales actions and provides a detailed log of real-time sales activities. These valuable engagement insights help you streamline your lead engagement strategy.

Qualities Your Sales Enablement Tool Must Have

Every business is different and has its unique sales enablement needs. For example, SaaS businesses generally have a longer sales funnel focused on building solid customer relationships. Hence, it is important to find a tool designed to address your requirements the best. Here are some qualities/features your sales enablement tool must possess.

1. Easy to Use

Your sales enablement tool must be straightforward and user-friendly. It must possess a simple user interface that allows sales representatives to access desired sales-related content as needed. When selecting an ideal tool for your business, understand if it involves any long learning curve. Further, estimate how much time you will need to train the sales team to master the product. If it is a lengthy and complicated process, consider choosing another platform with an easier learning curve.

For example, SmartCue offers a no-code platform to help you build product demos without technical or programming skills. You can use its simple demo builder to set up your personalized demos in just a few minutes.

2. Robust Analytics and Data

Every business today is driven by data. Your sales enablement tool must be able to generate valuable insights from your sales content. It must offer features such as standardized sales reporting, auditing existing sales workflows, qualifying leads using lead scoring systems, etc. It should also help you assess the performance of your sales teams to improve productivity. 

3. Content Optimization

Content is the cornerstone of any successful sales enablement strategy.  Your sales enablement software must help you organize various sales-related content assets into a centralized library for easy access. For example, customer case studies, product demo decks, and eBooks.  Besides content organization, it must track the performance of this content to understand its impact on your customers.

4. Process Automation

Sales today is no longer a manual business. Most sales enablement tools rely on automation and AI to sell better and faster. An efficient sales enablement platform must offer AI and automation capabilities to take over repetitive manual work and free your sales representatives to attend to other important tasks. For instance, you can create email sequences to reach out to your customers and follow up with them regularly.

5. Integration Capabilities

Your sales enablement tool must integrate seamlessly with other software solutions to optimize workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and increase productivity. The most important integration here is integration with your existing CRM. This will help your sales representatives to connect with customers while accessing the information to engage them in one unified place. 

Wrapping Up

SaaS Sales enablement software provides your sales team with the right resources, processes, and tools to carry out their task efficiently and close more deals. It ensures your entire team has access to different content assets and materials they need to engage and convert more leads into customers. 

If you want to engage customers with interactive product demos, SmartCue is the best tool for you. Sign up for a Free SmartCue Demo and understand how product demos can supercharge your customer conversions.